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Executive Training

Become educated on what the common bottlenecks in development are. Learn to watch out for signs that projects are capsizing, and better yet, learn how to put the minimal necessary processes in place to prevent projects from capsizing.

Learn how to set up minimal checks and balances to make sure that all your departments function well together to accelerate your development.


Agile Software Development Training

Learn about the different Agile development methodologies and understand what level of commitment is requirement from the executive level before starting to implement it.

Learn how you will benefit from Agile development and what you will give up by moving to this form of development. In particular, learn what parts of the Agile discipline that you must make sure are implemented in your development teams to succeed.

Learn the top signs of project failure

Learn the anatomy of a software failure in a very practical way and the top signs that a problem is developing. Learn how to recognize the signs of failure and what needs to be done to bring your projects back on track.

Learn how to recognize when project problems are too severe to fix and when projects need to be halted and restarted