Slow handoffs

Inadequate interdepartment processes will cause hand-offs between the departments move very slowly. For example, around software releases there is a constant stream of software builds as the initial problems are discovered. Often these problems are severe enough to warrant rapid fixes, especially if the system does not load correctly.

Poorly defined build processes will result in QA having difficulty figuring out which version is the correct one to test and log defects against. If the software requires tedious manual testing then mistakes at this level can cause rather sizeable delays.

Similarly if operations has difficulty identifying the correct release candidate the wrong software version could end up in production and cause your customer support channels to be flooded. Never mind the damage your reputation will take in front of your customers.

Accelererated Development will add structure around the department hand-offs to give all parties confidence that they are working on the correct version of the software without slowing down development with too much process.


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